Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been a while----

Hi Everyone!

Well it's been a while since I posted on this blog. It's been hard trying to update, while working, getting chemo and taking care of things that need to be taken care of. I recently had my third chemo treatment and this one wasn't so great.... not that chemo is great... but my 2nd chemo was not so bad.

The 3rd treatment was HORRIBLE. I have been nauseated for the past 3 days-- but really hungry--- thank that to my daily dose of prednisone for the next five days- and I just want to EAT- it's a really weird feeling. I kind of relate it to the feeling I felt I when I was pregnant- I was nauseated and hungry and moody- it's crazy cause it gets better and then it gets worse.

I am really trying to keep my spirits up, and really trying to put this all in God's hands- but in the past couple of days I have been feeling down. The hair thing I was getting used to, but then this week I started to feel self concious- since my eyebrows have thinned out quite significantly. I am trying not to be shallow because hair is hair- but it's hard. THEN--- because of my increased appetite I have gained some substantial weight- which makes it even harder because not only have I lost my hair, some eyebrows and now my wardrobe- it's getting really hard to look in the mirror and really love the way I look. I really should be happy that God has allowed me to stay healthy these past three treatments. No medical issues, no blood work issues. My blood count, platelet count and white blood count have been great. It really could be worse off- and I am worried about hair??? I thank God everyday that He is pulling me through this and I am remaining prayful and hopeful and standfast in Him, knowing that He will get me through this and His Name will be praised through this valley in my life.

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of our family Millie ( who is also a cancer survivor) decided to shave her head if I lost my hair. Well my hair was falling out and it was time to shave my head. We went to the hair cuttery and we both got our heads shaven. Also, the gal that shaved our heads knew too well this side of cancer, as her mother had and passed away from cancer- so it was a bit emotional. It was a very awesome moment to have someone who understood how it feels to lose your hair and to be willing to go through that again to show support. I didn't expect her to do it, she did it out of the kindness of her heart and how she knew she could support me.
A week after I got my hair cut short.

1 week later

2 weeks later after getting my hair cut- after my 2nd treatment

Getting ready to shave the rest off.

Buzz- Buzz- Buzz!!!

Millie is next!

Buzz- she has a smile on her face!!


I also got a brand new wig!! :)

I thank you again for all the prayers that are being sent out to me and my family!!!!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, August 2, 2009

ROUND 2# ......DONE!

Hey everyone!

I am trying to get better with this blog- but I am finally getting around to it. I had such an amazing week- even though I do not feel good at this moment. This week was round 2 for my chemo treatments and in comparison with my last chemo it was a WHOLE lot better. Thank you Jesus. Last time my chemo felt like I had the flu and on top of that I had an allergic reaction to some medications so I felt awful. This time around, other than nausea and not feeling to uppity, it was a whole lot better. Thank you to all who are praying and still continue to pray.

I got my results back from my PET scan and bone marrow biopsy. Thankfully everything came back fine. My PET shows that the cancer was confined pretty much to my groin and abdomen- although there were some areas in my neck and other areas that didn't catch the dye, and they are not sure if that was starting of spreading- so it looks like I am at a Stage 2-3- prognosis is very good :) Again thank you for praying.

Awesome thing though- when I was searching for another physician for another opinion- I had prayed that God would lead me to the right doctor to give me the answer I was searching for. I had prayed and really just went into the website for our health system and picked by random this surgeon. He was very nice and really took the time to explain to me everything that was going on AND what needed to be done. He was a gem and I am so thankful I found him. He was the one who did my biopsy and my port and did it quickly without even a thought. His office was awesome. The other day when I went to have my port checked he wanted to see my test results and wanted me to come to his office to discuss them. I had no idea what I was going to see next- on his desk there was a bible and all around the office he had signs- esp one that said JESUS NEVER FAILS. I smiled and I told him- you know what I had prayed God would send me someone who would take care of me- and look at this- I had no clue this man loved God as much as I loved God- and he said I knew there was a reason why God told me there was something about you. I know now that asking God to lead you and to really follow him- because you might miss out on the blessing. I had goosebumps when I left that meeting- cause I knew God was in the midst and he knew that this was the doctor that would figure out what was wrong with me after all of these months.

This weekend I went home to go see my family and to bring my mom back with me to stay for a bit to help me out while she waits for her house to be fixed. I was given a free salon day by this awesome salon in Palmyra- called NDULDGE- God bless these people for what they did for cancer patient's today. They had all kinds of services free - including facials, manicures, airbrush tanning, pictures, food etc. They were so kind and loving and it was awesome. My sister went with me and it was a good time out with one another. I felt for the first time in a while super relaxed and felt good- esp when your hair is coming out in clumps and you don't feel super pretty- it was nice to be in the same room with lots of women going through the same thing. It was really nice and I got a gift certificate to come back- super nice.

Please continue to pray for my family as we go through all of these hurdles together- my family's home is going to take up to 6 months to be repaired- and it's hard to see my parents -pretty much without a home- but that's what they have kids :) It's our turn to take care of them and make sure they are ok.

I will keep up on this blog a little bit better and hope you will continue to read as I go through this journey :)

<3 Sandra